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The growth of BITM

from: Johnny B

The Bengal technology institute and Management (BITM) is situated in Santiniketan -- a location which might be rarely involved with an engineering university or college. And also the environment are actually not even close to what we may perhaps run into inside the Jadavpur University or college or BE University (Shivpur). 10 kms away from Bolpur nestled far from infuriating group of people, BITM may appear forlorn but when you have entered you're inside of a unique world almost always. This particular Sixty acre college campus is made up of canteens, a labratory, landscapes, authoritative constructions and also play areas.

Even with the actual restrictions BITM (Shantiniketan) has completed relatively well as far as the particular structure goes. 5 computer labs as well as electronic digital transmission engineering laboratories, furthermore chemistry, science together with a plethora of various labs establish this situation appropriately. According towards the body the best component of the institute is definitely their own massively accredited faculty. The efficiency of scholars in addition has elevated as observed throughout the past many years. Even with the reality that at first the Visva Bharati association(2001) possessed a lowly starting with only Two hundred fifity students, in the past several years BITM has recently accepted approximately 900 individuals in 5 architectural fields.


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