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Aims and Objectives - Visva Bharati University

from: Johnny B

To analyze the mind of man in their realization of several facets of fact coming from diverse points of view.

To give directly into far more intimate connection amongst each other, because of patient investigation combined with groundwork, different ethnics of the East according to his or her underlying unity.

To help you approach the West in the point of view of these a unity in the daily life as well as looked at Asia.

To find to comprehend from a general fellowship involved with research typically the gathering of the East and also the Western world, and therefore ultimately to boost the basic situations associated with world harmony throughout the establishment associated with absolutely free transmission coming from all concepts involving the two sides of the world.

And, by way of such ideologies in view, to produce within Santiniketan, a heart regarding community the place where investigating straight into and look of the religious beliefs, documents, history, scientific discipline together with culture of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Islamic, Sikh, Christian and various civilisations could be pursued with the subculture of the Rest of the world, with that distinctiveness in externals that's necessary for authentic non secular realisation, in amity, good fellowship in addition to co-operation between the thinkers and scholars of both Eastern and Western nations around the world.

To help acquire the camaraderie and devotion with regards to villagers and cultivators through a genuine fascination with everything concerns their own everyday living and welfare, and also making an effort to aid these individuals in figuring out their very depressing problems.

So that you can initiate a new argument among scholastic research project and then investigation having to do with rural economic system Or tradition together with on-field experience.


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