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BITM Shantiniketan

from: Johnny B

The Bengal technology institute and Management (BITM) is located in Santiniketan -- a spot that is definitely hardly ever involved with an engineering institution. Also the surroundings seem to be far away from just what you could run into inside the Jadavpur College as well as BE Institution (Shivpur). Seven kms away from Bolpur positioned faraway from maddening masses, BITM may appear alone however when you have entered you will be in the different planet almost always. The 60 acre university is comprised of canteens, a labratory, back yards, big houses as well as playgrounds.

Regardless of the actual restrictions BITM (Shantiniketan) has already executed somewhat nicely as far as the infrastructure is concerned. The five computer labs as well as electronic digital correspondence system laboratories, moreover biochemistry, physics together with a host of other sorts of laboratories demonstrate this appropriately. According with the authority the perfect element of this particular institution is certainly their massively capable teachers. The fineness of students also has developed as observed during the recent many years. Regardless of the matter that to begin with the Visva Bharati affiliation(Beginning of 2001) experienced a humble beginning with precisely 300 college students, in the past 4 years BITM seems to have accepted approximately 900 students


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