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Objective of Sriniketan, Santiniketan - Visva Bharati

from: Johnny B

To study the mind of individual in the realisation of numerous facets of reality coming from diverse perspectives.

To get into far more personal relation with one another, through patient study and research, the different ethnicities belonging to the East according to their particular primary unity.

To help approach the Western side from the point of view of these a unity of one's daily life and furthermore looked at Asia.

To find to realize from a general fellowship of research the meeting within the East and the Rest of the world, and thus in due course to bolster the fundamental conditions of world harmony with the establishment of free communication coming from all ideas involving the two sides of the planet.

And, with this sort of ideas in view, to deliver found at Santiniketan, a hub of tradition in which research directly into and look in the religion, documents, historical past, scientific disciplines as well as art of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Islamic, Sikh, Christian and other civilisations could be sought with the culture of the Rest of the world, with this simplicity in externals which is certainly needed for authentic faith based realisation, in amity, good brotherhood and co-operation in between the thinkers and historians in both Eastern and Western nations.

To help secure the solidarity and affection of villagers as well as cultivators through a true interest in everything that factors their lifestyle and well being, and also making an effort to assist these individuals in eliminating their very pressing challenges.

In order to initiate an absolute dialogue between educational scientific study and study of countryside economic system Or heritage as well as on-field know-how.


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